Cubase on Mac Dock Options not working

On my Mac Pro, I want to stop Cubase 11 from opening on start up. When you right click to get the options there are check marks on the Open at Log in and Keep in Dock. I can’t change them; the are frozen. Cubase tech told me to teach the preferences and restart: No luck. Then they said to reinstall Cubase 11: Still no change. Finally, this morning they told me to post this problem.


These options are available here on my side. Do you have admin permissions?

Isn’t there a little padlock you need to click to allow editing of those settings? Bottom left corner of the dialog…

Go into System Preferences → Users & Groups, select your user on the right and click on “Login Items”. There you can remove Cubase from the list.

Endorse doing what Sibben and Arne suggest. If that doesn’t work, running Onyx from Titanium software (free, and an easy search) does a fine job of fixing disk permissions, which can be at the heart of this sort of issue.