Cubase on Mac

I’m a professional musician, producer and guitarist. For many years I am a Cubase client, in fact all of my years as a musician I’m working with Cubase. The software is an integral part of the way in which I create music. Each time a new software version comes out, I buy it.
Recently I switch from a PC computer to a more reliable Mac. Since I made the transition, I feel Cubase is unstable. It crashes often, gets stuck, ruining my workflow. Often it also collapses in critical moments, and not only caused the loss of workflow and embarrassment in front of clients, but also distructs important materials. It is very disappointing to me. I thought it was my Cubase 6, so I upgraded to 6.5. There wash’ t any improvement in stability. I do not plan buying Cubase 7, and now I’m stuck with a software that does not work well and lack of knowledge in any other software. Will Cubase ever work good and be stable on the Mac, in a similar way Logic and protools works? What do you suggest I should do?
As a longtime customer, it is very frustrating to me.

Please advice me.
Kind regards,

Aloha G,

Since you already own the machine, one approach would be
to run Windows on your Mac and use the PC version of Cubase
in that environment.

3 directions/choices:

2-VMware Fusion

Any of these will allow you to run Windows on your Mac.


4-Sell your Mac and get a PC.

HTH (hope this helps)