Cubase on the new M1 MacBook Pro 14"

I thought some of you might be curious about cubase running on the latest Apple silicon and OS. Just installed cubase onto my new MacBook Pro 14" and so far so good, everything seems to be working smoothly. I haven’t done much yet, only installed FabFIlter plugins and done some simple mixing and exporting.

MacBook Pro 14" OSX Montery 12.0.1 Cubase 11.0.41


Thank you, Sir! :slight_smile: I am very interested if all your VSTs are working? Please update us, I suppose more people will be interested :slight_smile:


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Update… Today I installed all my plugins from Waves (V13) and Plugin Alliance. No issues running the installers, downloading and installation/activation. All the plugins I’ve tried so far from FabFIler, Waves and PA are loading and working, no problems. I did some recording with the MacBook Mic (actually sounds pretty good) and worked off the MacBook speakers. Installed my Apogee Duet 3 interface and got some sound out my monitors. Connected my launch key USB controller and jammed on the Waves Electric 88 keys.

The good news is Cubase hasn’t crashed or freaked out. Waiting for Soundtoys to let me activate the last of my plugins then I’ll be able to open some heavy sessions and see what happens. I’ll be taking the MacBook out with the Duet and a couple of condensor Mics to record some piano in a few days, lets see how that goes …

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One last post in conclusion… Everything works. Im using an Apogee Quartet interface and an Apogee duet 3 interface. I’ve recorded with Microphones using the Quartet. Plugins for Waves, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Plugin Alliance and Sonnox are all working. I haven’t had any issues or crashes, and the MacBook runs like a dream

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That’s Great!!
I just received my M1 pro Macbook Pro 14" a couple of days ago and everything is working great here too!!
I switched from PC and I’am glad I did, I hope Cubase 12 with native M1 suport gets even better.
Using waves, fabfilter, Lexicon and Izotope plugins mainly and Ik Multimedia, Kontakt, Superior Drummer 3, EZ Bass, Korg and Arturia soft synths.

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Great news! Thanks guys, I plan on making my migration from Intel based Macbook Pro in January, so every experience is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi ! Actually I have the same MBP 14 Base Variant. I was trying to connect my UR22 Audio Interface but it’s not suporting trying from last 3 days with every solution possible, tried every drivers but the device is simply not reading it. the usb light is just blinking.
Tried connecting with my old Lenovo Laptop with WIN10 and it’s working fine. Can you please HELP ?