Cubase on Windows 8

It’s going to be VERY different!!!
But I think i could live with that :sunglasses:

Microsoft Windows 8 Event at Computex 2011

I hope Steinberg dump the old wíndow paradigm and start on an new slate all together.
Great opportunity when they have to do it anyway.
Roll with the punches and go with the flow :laughing:

At this point, even though it’s a M$ sermon, W8 is already likable?
They’re not listing the bugs, shortcomings or unsupported, uncompatible stuff though …

Thanx för sharing

I’ve seen comments that Windows 8 is geared up to being more of a media-centre and according to:

Is this because DRM protocols are being strengthened/tightened up? Will there come a day when our own original tracks are somehow going to fall foul of DRM? I’m sticking with Windows 7 and Cubase 6, I don’t see any need to “upgrade”.

(I always say that… :mrgreen: )

W8 is actually similar to the Android OS in that it can work on a tablet, as well as a desktop (don’t know about phones).