Cubase on Windows Server

Running an enviroment where hardware failure won’t be a problem, I rely a lot on virtual computers.

I recently bought a voice product where Cubase is part of the package, and wanting to try it out, I tried installing it - just to find out that even the downloader app won’t run on Windows Server - where the server is basicly the exact same as Windows pro, with some extra services added.

Why on earth not allow for Cubase on Windows Server?


Did the Steinberg Download Assistant show any massage? Anything we can work with?

Yes, I was told that it was not supported on that Windows version (2019) - which is basicly the same as Windows 10.


By whom, please?

This is the minimum system requirements for Cubase:

  • 64-bit Windows 10 Version 21H2

This one has been released in November 2021. So (any) Windows released in 2019 are not logically supported.

Windows Server 2019 has been updated since then (too), so this is just a matter of choice. Also, the version included is Cubase 11 - which has been out for a long while now.


Sorry, I understood, your Windows version is from 2019.

As far as I can see at the link you shared, the latest Windows Server update is the “2022”, released on 18 August 2021, what is before the Windows 10 21H2 released on November 16, 2021.