Cubase on Windows Surface

Hi all,

sorry if this is not the right place or if there’s another topic on this one already (I searched and found none).
Did anyone tried to run Cubase 10 on Windows Surface tablet, for live performance reasons?

I know there’s Cubasis, but I was wondering should I have to pay for another App, or can Cubase run on a Surface?

That would first of all depend on the hardware specs of the surface. And the system requirements for Cubase can be found on the Cubase product page.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Of course I’m not questioning the tablet specs, it would have to meet the needed spec. What I want to know is the feasibility of it, how practical is it? Using VSTs and plugins and libraries… there’s a lot that can go wrong and when playing live we can’t be worried gear might fail.

And this question is also around the use of a touch-screen solution instead of a tradicional laptop - even tho nowadays laptop can easily have a touchscreen (but maybe not completely foldable to be in a tablet format so maybe not as easy to manage on venues where we have a very limited space for each of us).

How is it to switch from patch to patch within a song? how are samples triggered? Can multiple devices be connected so the singer can push a button and perform actions in cubase?

I think you’d struggle as they have high res screens and things will be very small.

I see no advantage over a laptop , even an old large laptop is still not a big piece of equipment :slight_smile: