Cubase or Logic Pro

Hi folks. After a hiatus of a few years I am again returning to my passion (on a very amateur level) for music. Prior to getting distracted by life and having to put it to one side, I had been using Logic Pro 9 on my iMac. I found it to be extremely user friendly with a simple user interface. At the same time I am considering converting from Mac to PC for online gaming purposes, so Logic Pro would no longer an option if I did so. I am obviously looking at Cubase as a replacement and was wondering if anybody could give an informative comparison between the two? Essentially they do the same job, but what are the pros and cons of each? Also, is Cubase for sale anywhere other than the Steinberg website? This will ultimately affect my decision on whether to go with a PC or stick with Apple. Any advice appreciated.

Cubase is kinda like Logic but it does a fair bit more. Cubase is both the most fully featured DAW out there and the king of MIDI, so there’s very few things that can’t be done in Cubase in some way. It should also run much better on your gaming PC than Logic Pro 9 does on your old consumer-grade Mac.

Cubase is easy, you have to read the manual or watch a few video guides to get the most out of it, but you should be able to figure out most things on your own.

Thanks for the reply and advice Romantique Tp. I see that there are a bunch of Cubase video guides on youtube by various people and entities. Is there a particular channel or person you would recommend following?


Many thanks Rommelaar!

Awesome channel! Thanks Rommelaar!

To the OP, you do realise that this forum is quite biased towards Cubase, considering it is a Cubase user forum… There are fanboys and complaints here, but all ‘unbalanced’ into the extreme sometimes…

Don’t get me wrong, I love Cubase, but I suggest to do a bit more research; Studio One, Bitwig, Ableton Live all run on Windows too… whatever suits your flow best to make your music.

Don’t hesitate to pop us any questions about Cubae of course, some might even have experience with other DAW’s too.

Good luck!

PS: I was in the same boat a couple of years ago, got me some equipment with LE daw versions (Sonar, Ableton, Cubase) and tried these out first, then I returned to Cubase again :smiley:

I’m an ex Logic user. Now I use Cubase and Protools mainly. I used logic for years. This change happened quite a while ago so my reason for change is not relevant. At the time, cubase was more intuitive and worked with my external mixers better.

Thanks for the further advice and insights folks. I’ll certainly take these into account.

Keep in mind that none of these DAWs he mentioned are anything like Logic besides Sonar and Studio One. Sonar is outdated overpriced junk and Studio One is still fairly young meaning it’s still missing several features that both Cubase and Logic have had since forever (it’s already generally better than Sonar though).

As for video tutorials, the Steinberg hub inside Cubase has links to a bunch of official video guides covering both basic and advanced topics.

Here’s a link to the basic (quick start) videos:

Note that this series of videos was made for Cubase Pro 8. While it is mostly the same as 8.5, it will of course not mention the changes that were made in 8.5, such as the improvements in the MIDI editors: