Cubase or Ozone 9 crashing or win 10 update recently

I have a song made and sounds 100% for mastering with ozone 9.
I use reference track to compare as i go along.
Flicking between my song and the reference caused an exeption.
It tells me to abort.
When i do Cubase disappears and frustration .
Open up again and sure as eggs the crash happens at random times
Now , I got all down to final export and when i try to export my final wave file this exeption comes up again Abort and the magic disappearing act happens again
This happened to me some time back , but went away . All was good
Now i have updated Win 10 and Ozone 9 and all hell now has broke out
If someone can help as i want to get some music on Soundcloud for Christmas.
All help appreciated.
I do have a I7 computer with 32 gig of ram .
How do i put a crash report on this forum as Cubase support never reply

All the best

Sorry i don’t have a solution but why update while your in the middle of a project . It’s more than likely either a plugin issue or a graphics driver issue


ZIP and attach the *.crash/dmp file here, please.

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Hi martin

How do i attach the files here as there is no attachment button on this forum
i am confused with this new forum adjustment.
All the best


Click to the Upload icon above the text field and select the file.


Did you ZIP the file, please?

Hi Martin
Working on it!

Cubase 64bit 2020.12.18 (1.0 MB)

Got some success

all the best


All the crashes are the same:


Please get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer.

Hi Martin
I have submitted a support ticket with Izotope about Ozone 9 and hopefully find a solution for this.
I would like to know why others have not had this problem with Ozone 9
Or have they???
I have Arturia Synths and Sampletank vst and effects and a couple of Native plugins like Fm 7.
Also have Korg Colection which all run like a dream…
Anyway a big thanks for helping me.
I will come back to you once i have the anwers from Izotope

All the best

I know this crash with Ozone 9 and Cubase. It happened during switching between reference track and input.
I did update Ozone to fix it and don’t have it anymore.
Did you remove the reference tracks within Ozone?

Hi John,

I don’t know, I don’t use iZotope, because it’s really buggy.

I don’t know, if it’s still the case, but Arturia had a bug in all plug-ins few months ago. They stored some unwanted data within the plug-in to the project. So when using these plug-ins, the project size was growing significantly, until the project reached the limit (2GB) and become corrupted.

Oh, this is really an old one. It’s not even supported anymore. Isn’t it 32-bit only? Do you use any bridge? Quite risky, I would say.

It’s also quite old one, isn’t it also 32-bit only?

All of these could make the system unstable in general.

I have just updated Ozone 9 and using a reference track mixing the latest song.
Yes this does happen when switching ,but also happened yesterday when trying to export my song.
This crash happens randomly in Ozone 9 and to get over it i save if a crash occurs , but as i said trying to export the same crash happened .
I started up Ozone up today and it seemed ok, so i do not know what is going on.
It does happen during switching a lot.
I stopped the song every time when making an action and things looked ok.
It will happen again but I have not got a clue why.
I have the latest graphic driver for my Nvidia GT 1030 card in my I7 computer.
Everything else on my system works 100%.

All the best

Hi Martin
Sorry Martin ,i meant to say Fm8
Now the korg collection is also 64 bit.
I am not using a Arturia plugin on my song.
Arturia plugins are just great. and no problem and i shall later upgrade to Arturia 8.
It is just Ozone 9 which i have a problem with.

All the best