Cubase out of tune Problem


The strangest thing has happened . I’m doing a track then all of a sudden the external Nord synth A1 is out of tune with cubase instruments and the track and vst.

I Checked the synth but the Nord is in perfect pitch with a tuner and guitars I have.

But now in my Cubase project everything in the track is almost a semi tone out of tune.

Is there a way to ‘master tune’ Cubase or have I done something strange ?

any help be great, strange how the tuning should stray like that ? was fine always before.

Even though the track tempo is 128 bpm the track suddenly sounds odd, kinda faster or higher pitched ? or warped


Don :slight_smile:

Sample rate mismatch.

First thing that comes to mind is that maybe you have accidentally set the midi part to be transposed by a semitone. Other possible reason is that you have (likewise accidentally) recorded some pitch bend information in the part putting it out of tune.

Thanks for replies,

Its not even a semi tone out its inbetween, just wayward :frowning: been fine tune wise for last 3 days.

Now suddenly gone weird.

Are you reading the replies?

Just played some other songs in cubase andf all the vocals are pitched up like Micky Mouse,

any ideas ? it’s not just one project its all of cubase ?

NO wonder my Nord is out of tune with cubase vst’s ???

Hope someone has the answer ?


Don :slight_smile:

I guess not.

Yeah steve just seeing if sample rates have messed up somehow from my soundcard and Cubase , thanks :slight_smile:

All fixed thanks ’ peakae’ …sorry SteveInChicago.

Cubase 9 had somehow changed the sample rate to 44 and my soundcard is set at 48. Soon as I went back to cubase

and the project section and changed Cubase back to 48 all was fine. Tracks aint like Micky Mouse vocals and MY Nord is back in tune with VST Instruments.

Thanks for your Kind Help and thanks to the Thrillseekers who spoke on the Phone to me telling me the problem too and how to fix.

Could this be a bug in Cubase 9 that needs reporting ?


i am having similar issues but sample rate is correct, the vst, say a piano or bass will play in tune then out of nowhere it goes out of tune and wont go back to being in tune

This! Absolutely this. This saved my arse. Thank you