Cubase overcompensates for delay with midi input

Since a week or so, Cubase is delaying MIDI note input both in recording and retrospective mode.

I play something in time with the click/grid, and it displaces the MIDI notes in front about a 16th note. So the problem is that the midi notes aren’t delayed, but moved too early. There is no delay or anything while I play. Any idea why this is?

It happens both in a big template and in an empty project.

I already tried using Constrain Delay Compensation, but it doesn’t change anything. I also tried changing the buffer size, but at 256, my interface only has a delay of 5.812 ms. I also tried to set the ASIO-Guard level to low, but no changes.


Please read this article.

Moreover today you can also use WinRT MIDI driver on Windows, if you are not using more then 3 MIDI Ports.

Check first whether the notes move after recording or during (to rule out that the audio is ahead of time for some reason, and therefore you by mistake play too early). You can try routing a MIDI out to MIDI in and see what happens.

I had this issue on one PC once (Cubase Pro v10 IIRC) and the only way I managed to get it working was to re-install Windows. My other two PC installations worked fine, and all used the same audio/MIDI interfaces. So my guess is that some configuration or installation can go wrong.

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Martin, “WinRT IDI”? What does ‘IDI’ represent? I’ve not seen this in conjunction with WinRT. Also, isn’t WinRT for gear sending and receiving BT?

I believe ‘IDI’ represents a typo of ‘MIDI’. :slight_smile:

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This makes more sense than what Google Search tells me! :joy: Thanks, you must be correct.

The BT exclusive deal, yea or nay, is still a Q. ?


WinRT MIDI. Sorry for my typo.