Cubase + Overloud TH-U + Audio Output Recording

Hey folks,
Used to use an old TonePort with the PodFarm software to record some guitars back in the day. Right out of the box I could add an audio track in Cubase and I would be able to record the direct audio output from the standalone PodFarm software.

I’m trying to do the same with Overloud TH-U without any luck. I don’t want to use the plugin as an insert and just record the DI guitar audio, I’d rather record the audio that the plugin generates while running as its own standalone application (so I’m just recording the output of the plugin, no insert needed). More specifically because I’m using a midi footboard to control pedals like wah and pitch, and I really just want to record the straight audio, and not the DI.

Anyone set this up successfully? I can’t seem to figure this out.

Place the TH-U plugin as an insert on INPUT CHANNEL where the signal from your guitar enters

Hey can you walk me through that? The only place I can seem to plop TH-U is on an insert on an empty audio track?