Cubase Pauses or Freezes

I’ve got the problem that Cubase either Freezes after some time or it just pauses the track randomly and then it is unable to let it play again. The play button turns green though but no music is playing. After some time it starts playing again and when it freezes i just restart it. It would be maybe good to add that all that started when i installed some VST Plugins to my Cubase and recently some bigger ones. Does it maybe come from the low power of my pc?

Appreciate the Help.

It comes from the plugins…

Sounds like your computer has run out of steam. What are its specs? If it’s a pc have you optimised it for audio? Do you have the steinberg power plan enabled? What are your audio buffers set to?

That could give a hint indeed…

Im using a laptop with a Intel Core I5-4200U CPU and 8GB installed storage
I dont know what the steinberg power plan is neither do i know where to find the settings for the audio buffers. Im a newbie in all of this :slight_smile: Still appreciate the response.

What are the plugins you are using. Can you get decent performance with the stock plugins?
Do a search for optimising a pc for audio. With a laptop you definitely need a power plan that keeps the cpu at 100%. In windows just search power plan and see what is being used. Also Cubase can be made to change the power plan. This is in studio setup. I’m not in front of my pc but it’s not hard to find.

I bought me Antares Unlimited so cant dispense that. I did almost everything on this list (you will find it if you google: 20-ways-to-optimize-your-windows-10-pc-for-music-production )
but still the problem exist. It even got worse. I found the power plan of my pc and turned it to high performance (also was included in the list) but cant find what you mean with cubase can be changed to that

ok… again… uninstall plugin by plugin until the problem is gone…
you mentioned that it started after you installed plugins…

in my world we start to troubleshoot a problem from what we did right before the problem occurs and in most cases we are successful in the first place

Steinberg mentioned that around 80% of the support cases for their products are related to incompatible, unstable or buggy plugins from 3rd party vendors

Yes agreed. Take all the 3rd party plugins out or disable in the plugin manager and try one at a time. It could be that Antares plugins are really resource hungry.

I had written the exact same statement… @mkok was faster with posting it :wink:

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OF COURSE I UNDERSTAND THAT. But i paid a lot of money for the plugins so there’s no way im just not using them thats why i asked if there are ways to move about it without doing that. If the problem just results in me having a bad pc then i gotta deal with that. But the basis of my question was if there can be other reasons for the causes i mentioned at first

Since we are not in your position, we are always addicted to your description. And your description indicates that the problem is related to the plugins. And that the plugins are expensive doesn’t change that. And nobody said that your problem can’t change in the future with an update…