Cubase performance improvement: how?

When I play my Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D (last version available) loaded on Cantabile, I never get audio drop outs. Instead, when I play it inside Cubase (as Instrument Track, no other tracks, no added effects etc, nothing…) I get some (let’s say every copule of minutes).
ASIO driver and buffer sizes are the same on both. Quite annoying indeed.
What can I try to improve the Cubase performance (please do not reply increase the buffer size…)?

My specs (please look at desktop) in signature.


You could do with more RAM and are you running the piano samples off of a SSD drive? Because that would probably help.

If your Cubase project file was on a different drive to the piano samples that would help too though more likely in larger sessions.

Yes piano samples are on a different SSD drive, i.e. System/Program files are on an SSD, piano samples on a second SSD, and Cubase CPRs on a third SSD. More RAM could be a good suggestion. Many thanks.