Cubase performance with Apple's M3 chips

Hello friends,
I’m in the market for a new computer, I have used both Apple and PC’s with great results. Primarily, I use Eastwest Play and VSL to create my projects. I recently started looking at the new iMacs, since my old 27-inch iMac has been great (still kicking), but it is 10 years old and may need a replacement soon. I trust these machines a lot, but unfortunately, I’ve been seeing some negative feedback regarding the new iMacs with the M3 chips. Has anyone been running Cubase successfully on these machines with EW Play or VSL’s Vienna Instruments? I mean, it’s too bad these new iMacs don’t seem to be available in 27 inches right now, but I would still get one if they work well with my DAW and VSTs…
Thanks in advance!

You could always buy a used ( Apple certified ) M2 chip laptop ( or the desktop version ) which has had good reviews compared to the M3 chip.
I myself use a 16" MacBook Pro M2 Max and run the HDMI out to my 32 inch desktop monitor which is very nice.
I haven’t used the Eastwest or VSL instruments, but do use a bunch of plugins with Cubase 13 with good results.

Thanks! Yeah, I’m contemplating the idea of a refurbished iMac, although I’d be leaning towards the intel-based machines because I know they work well with all the software I use. I have seen a few of my friends having to return their refurbished macs for being defective though, that’s the only thing holding me back right now…