Cubase Perormance NO Song Loaded

Hi even with no song loaded the performance meter is going crazy

What are you trying to say?
With no additional information, this is just useless.

Hi geldartm
have had the same issue.
Please have a look at:

Maybe the workaround I found helps you

thanks will try that and let you know

pretty obvious from the video, since moving to v12 this happens even when no project is open, so clearly an issue with Cubase as my other DAW’s have no issues even with big projects with a lot of VST’s

Do you have control room enabled and maybe have one or more plugin loaded in the control room inserts. That can cause the ASIO meter to react even if you have no project loaded.
The question: do you actually have problems or hear dropouts when working on a project? If not, I would just ignore the ASIO meter.
If yes, it could be loads of things, but then we need to need more about your setup…

There seems to be some load on the CPU already, if you show us the Process tab instead we would see what programs are causing it. Plus your CPU is at maximum clock and it still spikes heavily in Cubase.

This “issue” (which isn’t one) has been discussed many times already, you simply have programs running in the background that takes too much resources for real time audio tasks to work properly.
The Performance Meter in Cubase reflects how the audio engine can perform based on the current CPU state (load, clock, interrupts, etc). And if the buffer size is set too small, the Real Time and Peak meters will increase greatly because the CPU simply cannot process the audio blocks fast enough due to the other programs taking too much CPU cycles.

Nothing is obvious from the video alone.
It could be anything, without context it is still useless information.

The performance meters from C11 and C12 are different.
They do not show the same information.

And what makes you think, you can compare two different DAW’s, only with their own internal process meter? They are all different.