Cubase Pitch Shift plugin like "Soundshifter" from Waves

Hello! Does Cubase Pro 12 has any pitch shifter plugin like “soundshifter” from waves? I like to put it on my master bus to check my entire song in other entonations, for example 1 semitone up or down. This plugin is very easy. It changes the formant but I dont care, is just to check other possibilities. I try “pitch correct” from Steinberg but it doesnt work well on an entire track. Any tips, thanks!

You could try the Transpose function of Pitch Correct.

In what way does it not work well for you?

It is very inconsistent when transposing, keeps oscilating in the tune, like a glitched sound. Maybe I dont know how to use it. Does it is really capable of 100% fixing to a different tune an entire track?

The Pitch Correct plugin is meant to be an alternative to classic versions of Auto-Tune. It’s best used with monophonic audio sources such as vocals.

For pitch shifting, you can use the new FX Modulator plugin. Add a Pitch Shifter effect and drag the square in the middle of the display while holding Shift. The resulting pitch shift will be shown to the top right. Formant Preservation is disabled by default

This plugin is obviously not designed for precise pitch manipulation. The final pitch will be off by 1 to 5 cents, but that should be good enough for a preview.


Thank you sir. Absolutely works for what I need. Happy that Cubase can do it.

The quickest and easiest way is in project view , select all and pitch using the transpose in the top menu bar. Different algorithms can be used as well.

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Wow! I haven’t even begun exploring this one yet … excellent tip!

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For those not on Cubase Pro 12 (like me), you can also do the following to achieve the same effect:

  • Add the Transpose Track
  • Create an event via Draw tool
  • Select the event
  • Open the Info Line (Ctrl + I)
  • Change the Transpose value from the Info Line to change the pitch of audio and MIDI events simultaneously.

Hi, do you know how to enter precise values into the pitch? Right now I don’t see any way to enter values and the snap is not precise enough for me.