Cubase playing different note than my midi keyboard

Using Cubase 11 latest update. When I play a note on my midi keyboard, the instrument or midi editor plays the next note up! So if I hit E on my midi keyboard the midi editor plays F and so does the keyboard on any of the instruments I am controlling. I’ve tried everything to resolve but can’t figure it out. Anyone have any idea what’s wrong?

Maybe your keyboard is malfunctioning? Perhaps a setting in your keyboard is causing this?

Check the MIDI track inspector>MIDI Modifiers to see if you modified the Transpose parameter,

Check if you have an Input Transformer active on the track

Check if your midi keyboard has a transpose button that you activated.

Thanks Steve but none of these are an issue. Very frustrating

Kind of hard to make any other guesses with the info you provided (or lack thereof)

I appreciate your efforts dude. I’m going to borrow my mates keyboard and see if that works ok. Can’t see any settings in Cubase which would cause the issue.

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What does your MIDI monitor show is being sent from your MIDI controller?