Cubase plays at about 80% when using $300 Beats bluetooth headphones

Using the $700 cubase pro, when I use Beats bluetooth headphones (that are $300) my tracks play at about 80% the tempo (without any hitch or interruption). If I increase the bpm 25% they play normally ?
Seems like an issue with the bluetooth driver. Anyone have ideas?

If I plug them in through cord they are ok <3


Make sure the Project’s Sample Rate matches the Audio Device’s Sample Rate, please.

If you don’t know what you are doing, it doesn’t matter what your components cost.
The Bluetooth connection is only using one sample rate, no matter what you select in your project, the codec in the device uses just one.

Hmmmm… this was indeed mostly solved by changing the project sample rate from 48khz-24bit to 44khz-32bit. Some of the effects sound a little different however after changing to the new sample rate. Thanks, that’s a pretty big step in the right direction.

Is Windows doing sample rate conversion now?
Bluetooth headphones are not the right tool to produce,
the Bluetooth codec degrades the signal too much.
And mostly, the codec is not able to act like an ASIO driver or transmit sound with different sample rates.

I second that: you can actually do what you want, but keep in mind that your sound will be as good as the worst element in your chain. In this case it seems to be Bluetooth. To check things or fast listening it can be, but not for mixing or mastering. It is like you would have a good wav audio mix and make a mixdown to mp3 every time you want to listen to it.

Justo to consider…

Also the Beats headphones won’t do you any favors. They are designed to “improve” the sound of commercial releases - which is the exact opposite of what’s needed for audio production. What you want are flat phones that don’t add any coloration.

Definitely aware of and agree with all of this. I am using Asio4all with the bluetooth headphones. Yes I do know bluetooth audio is “lossy” and I do have quite a few sets of higher quality headphones including many that are flatter. However, the noise cancellation these headphones provide is actually a huge advantage, as there are quite a few ambient noises I am unable to eliminate (living in the city in a big house). I do think many many people will find these and other bluetooth headphones are great for producing although they certainly will not be “flat” which will mean mixing and mastering will very much be a different process in a different environment.

Thanks again for your help, everyone.

Tldr; make sure you set the project bitrate to 44khz for compatibility with Beats by Dre headphones (no need to change sample rate of files in the project). You would think some combination of Cubase and/or windows drivers would auto-correct but no you will get erratic playback speeds at other sample rates.

PS. I was really skeptical of these Beats Studio3 headphones (was sure they were mostly gimmick) but wanted to be able to do a quick production session without a usbc to 1/8" dac cord, a dongle, and an extra wire to get tangled in, and these ended up being a lot better than expected.

I agree with you, but the noise reduction in these headphones (eliminating exterior noises like an air conditioner running) is absolutely fantastic. Ambient noise ends up being a massive noise floor in my bedroom, so in my situation these actually end up being better than some nicer/flatter corded headphones I have.