Cubase plug-in to extract drum and instrument tracks

Hello Cubase users ,
I am new to Cubase pro . Is there a plug-in that can extract drums and instruments into their own tracks ?
I was looking at Spectral Layer but not sure it can do that.

You have to be precise extract from where? From Audio? Midi? Particular plugin (groove agent for ex)
So lets assume you want neural audio separation(AI) like izotope RX’s music re-balance?
If that is the case you have free tool called UVR (ultimate vocal remover) that has many models in it. You have to dive a bit in but the results are often greater than RX.

I need to extract from audio tracks like MP3 or WAV. They come in stereo with vocals and instruments all mixed down.


I will check UVR out


You can use SpectraLayers, which is an amazing tool and it’s part of Cubase.

UVR and Spectral Layers One are only capable of vocal seperation, are they not?
To seperate all kind of instruments, wouldn’t you need a expensive tool?

There are several spleeter-based online services which can separate stems (just search for “spleeter online’) which should be good for the occasional separation.
If you need to unmix tracks often, getting one of the commercial offers is probably advisable (RX, spectrallayers or Acon Acoustica… all of which are also based on spleeter)

What is the difference in functions between Spectral layer 1 and PRO ?
I need to separate the drumt track from MP3 audio file.Can I do that with spectral layer ?
Can I separate bass track from MP3 with Spectral Layer ?
Basically can I separate individual instrument from an MP3 file ?


Here you go.