Cubase + Plugin Alliance

Two years ago, Plugin Alliance plugins crashed Cubase in horrible nasty train wreck ways.
I had to remove all of the plugins I bought from them from my system.
With Cubase 10, I decided to give them another shot.
It seems that everything is working fine now.
I’m still trying to figure out if UAD is better than native (UAD munches FLS slots, native burns CPU).


I still have some cases related to PA. But I don’t think this can be purely a PA problem, honestly (the issue is certainly not the same magnitude as in 2015, when it first appeared).

All of the crashes we analysed suggest that there is an interaction with other plug-ins - which in some cases are/were indicated as the responsible by the MS debugger, and the crash usually occurs after a GPU driver task, rather than in the plug-in itself. Thanks for reminding me I have to test the latest PA versions in C10 :slight_smile:

There was an update a month ago, I think they called it “PA-All Update” which should fix graphic driver related issues with cubase.

Sadly not all Plugins have been update by it, for example all their Unfiltered Audio Plugins have been left out and are still causing crashes for me currently. There seems to be another update planned though.