Cubase Preferences

Cubase has dropped all of my Preferences (again). I can’t help thinking that a total update of the way that the program treats preferences would be advantageous to all users. I’ve just updated Halion 6, SE and Sonic and I’m not at all sure if this has any relative effect on preferences stored - it shouldn’t as they are separate entities within the Cubase environment.

I can’t even tell which set of preferences - via the box in the preferences dropdown in the left lower corner on the preferences screen - I am using and at times have overwritten things without realising.

A box that tells you very specifically what preferences you are using would be so great, as would the ability to be able to alter each set of preferences independently knowing you’re not messing anything up.

Each preference file that you create could have its own page i.e. = ‘My Preferences’ > ‘Go to Preferences’, ‘Edit name of preferences file you created_’. it could still have the list of all available preferences but you would definitely know that you were editing that specific set of preferences for that individual preference file you made and you would be able to do it at a glance.

Come on Cubase! Help us out :wink:

I don’t understand what you’re saying. I think you should check out Profiles if you are using Cubase Pro.

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This is why I use Acronis True Image to back up the preferences folder daily. I’ve lost my preferences too many times to count and I have way too many things to remember in there (including 15 generic remotes, other controllers, key commands, presets etc… It’s crazy that this can happen so regularly (or at all)!


You’ve never tried the profiles feature? It’s worth checking out.

I also back up the user settings dir, by adding it to the Windows File History.

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I don’t believe Window File History can backup the C:\Users*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg folder. Also, profile don’t save the “device Setup” which is crucial for me.

You would be mistaken then.

OK, I had a look into it and it looked like it had limited access, documents, videos etc. I’ll check further…

I have tried the profiles feature, I saved a profile when updating Cubase. It hasn’t worked. I saved the profile file to my desktop so I could access it easily too. This is a feature within Cubase that needs improving.

I have used it and it does work.

It seems to be universally accepted by a lot of people that this section of the program causes some problems that could be improved. I can’t help but think - by the amount of comments on the internet - that this is something that could be reworked by Steinberg as a very positive update for Cubase.

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most of them don’t use profiles or don’t even know that this exists…

Using profiles is the first step… as @steve already mentioned