Cubase / presets /user accounts

I am using Cubase Artist 6 64 bit with Windows 7. I would like to use BFD Eco , but it is a 32bit vst that doesn’t work for me using the built in bit bridge and thus needs Jbridge in order to not hang up.

Jbridge requires disabling of UAC (which I don’t want to do), or running as an administrator. The problem is , when I run Cubase I have always run it from a user account. When running as an administrator, Cubase looks for presets in my admin account folders, and doesn’t see all the presets that I have set up under the user account.

Is there a way to direct Cubase to look for presets in a specified account?

Give your Cubase user account Admin rights.

Yeah, the thing about being an admin now with UAC is that stuff doesn’t automatically execute as admin without asking. You want that behavior, as annoying as it can be, especially if you’re not running anti-virus, like many of us do not do on our DAWs. You’re typically pretty safe from malware if you’re not doing anything stupid, but UAC is a safety net that is supposed to let you know when something wants to execute in a way that will install something or run as admin.

In other words, it should be safe to make your user account an admin, as Jarno says. JBridge requires it…or you’d have to be prompted for another (admin) account’s credentials every time you start up Cubase or JBridge. And then, of course, you’re running as that other user. Might as well keep it simple and make yourself an admin.

(Forigve me if you know this stuff already)

I understand your suggestion, but I set up a distinct user account specifically so I would not conduct everyday activities as an admin. I really don’t want to switch rights on my user account back and forth or turn UAC on and off.

I guess there is no way to specify in Cubase which account to use?

Why? Sounds unnecessary. Also sounds as though you’re making life hard for yourself.

No account control in Cubase. You could lobby, though why they’d do it escapes me but they do write in routines for half the broken computers on the planet apparently so you could be lucky. :mrgreen:

Fair enough. But I see no reason for this in Windows. It’s quite safe to be admin if you have at least basic knowledge on computers. But if you want to be extra-cautious why don’t have one account for DAW work (with admin priviledges) and another for net surfing etc (no admin priviledges)?

But as Conman said: you’re making life hard for yourself. There are thousands of people running their Linux-boxes in everyday use with root account without problems … and that’s about 10 times more risky than running Windows with admin priviledges.

UAC is useless! I disable it when I see it, or when I suspect its presence! It’s my computer, damn it! :mrgreen:

Yeah, I feel the same way sometimes. However, I don’t run any anti-virus, don’t feel I need to. At the same time, it’s nice to know when something is trying to install itself. I turn UAC down to the lowest level without being entirely turned off.