Cubase Pro 10.40 crashes when closing plugins

Hi there,

my Cubase Pro 10.40 just started crashing when I’m closing or using a plugin. It happens on every old project or even new projects.

I’m using Cubase Pro 10.40
Windows version 1903 (Build 18362.418)

I tried reinstalling Cubase, updating my Graphics card (GeForce GTX 1070 TI), updating Windows, and all my other drivers.
I’m running 32GB of RAM & a i9-9900K.

Funny thing is that it works flawlessly when I switch to my older cubase 8.5 pro version. No hiccups, no crashes when I open new or old projects.

Any ideas because I’m slowly getting mad right here :frowning: ?

I facing this problem by now… wait for solution too.

Nobody else experiencing this issue?
Can’t believe that also the support isn’t responding to my support requests. Sorry for the negativity but my clients will be mad as hell and so am I.

I even tried to run it on a brand new formatted system - still the same struggle

Little update:

  • uninstalled all Nvidia drivers
  • unplugged the graphics card from my mainboard
  • installed the latest Cubase hotfix 10.0.50
  • running with onboard graphics only

Still no change!

Congratulations Steinberg for winning the award for the WORST support ever!
Didn’t even get a message back from the direct support.