Cubase pro 10.5 is one of the most incredible daws out now.

So powerful. So slick. So creative. So deep. So versatile.

I love this software so much. Just needed an outlet for my joy.

That’s all. Nothing more to see here.


Ha sorry. I’ve just finished a track I’m so pleased wirh in cubase and the more I get proficient with this software the more it allows me to do. So I was kinda psyched when I wrote this post. Also there’s a lot of dissing of the app so I thought I’d try and balance it out a bit.

I like it a lot too. It is a fine DAW. I think it is one of the very best. I am very pleased with Cubase Pro 10.5.

Yep i really enjoy using and learning about it. It’s a beast.

yeah Cubase 10.5 is good :slight_smile: For me it is the best DAW for sure. Around v7 I was desperate to find a new DAW, but I really didn’t find a reason to change and the latest versions have had good GUI and workflow updates. If we could get an option for the inspector in the lower zone it would be great too

Same happened to me around version 8. It was complete crapola on the Mac. Unuseable. Laggy. GFX would disappear. It was crazy. But you could tell the software underneath those bugs was getting more interesting. But regardless I had to move to logic. Which is actually amazing too. But A couple of years later I decided to have a go with cubase once again out of curiosity, only because they had this anniversary sale thing, ( I had promised myself I would not spend a single dime more on cubase but this was a good deal), and was convinced after investing so much time with logic I wouldn’t go back, but instantly said goodbye to logic once I tried out 10. Still a bit annoyed that I was forced to waste so much time going back and forth between different daws but I guess all is more or less forgiven as cubase 10 apart from a few quirks here and there that need refining, is so so much fun to use. I love this daw. I really hope they fix all this issues for all the other Mac users as it runs like a dream on my set up.