Cubase Pro 10.5 not migrating over preferences and key commands

Where are my preferences and key commands located on my PC? These did not migrate over from Cubase Pro 10 to 10.5 update. What is the logic in not migrating these over? I’m bewildered.

Go to
Uses> Username> App Data> Roaming> Steinberg
Rename the Cubase 10.5 64 folder. Just put an x before Cubase. This will hide it. Restart Cubase and it will use your Cubase 10 Prefs. instead.

Or copy the Configurations and KeyCommand folders from Cubase 10 - located at Username> App Data> Roaming> Steinberg >Cubase 10. Paste the copied folders to the Cubase 10.5 preset folder. If such a preset folder does not yet exist then make a new one and place the copied folders there. Works for me.

They didn’t migrate for me either and all of my presets that used the Logical Editor did not have my commands. Very often when I load in earlier key commands into Cubase 10.5 on a MacOS 10.13.6 Cubase crashes.