Cubase Pro 10.5 Video

In my Cubase Pro10.5, updates from 10.0.50, there isn’t Export Video. It’s possible?

Hi and welcome,

It should be there: File > Export > Video…

It’s only available for Windows 10 and Windows 8 apparently, not for Windows 7.
That might be the issue. :cry:


Cubase 10.5 is compatible with Windows 10 only. Windows 8 and 7 is not officially compatible.

Not officially compatible, but on my Win 8.1 system Export Video just works anyway.

Yes I have win 7 but… everything works fine I don’t think there would have been problems with video export. Sin.

Here it doesn’t work on Win 8.1 unfortunately.
It sticks at 50% and then I get the message Cubase 10.5 doesn’t work anymore and will quit…
Everything else seems functioning okay for now…

Mine is Win8.1 current last update (don’t remember the version #, I’m not at home ATM). Yours too?

Mine is always the latest update too, updates are automatically installed.
I don’t know the version though (where can I find that?)

Well I actually meant the last knowledge base article reference.
My Windows 8.1 is localized for Italian language, I don’t know the exact path in English, maybe something like:
Control Panel -> System -> Windows Update -> View installed updates
mine last is KB4524445

Mine too

I upgraded to Windows 10, Export video now functions okay.
But now the Video Player has disappeared…!
(in the tab Studio between “Audio Performance” and “On-screen Keyboard” or shortcut F8)
How is that possible?


I would try to uninstall and reinstall Cubase (after Windows update). Btw, there are several postes here on the forum about bad performance of upgraded Windows. Several users had performance issue after the upgrade. Than they installed new clean Windows 10 system from scratch and the performance issues were gone. Just to consider it.

Thanks Martin, I’ll try that: un- and reinstall Cubase.
Yes, installing new clean Windows 10 will be best I guess, but it takes a lot of time to reinstall all plugins and other software… Everything else seems working okay for now…

Un- and reinstalling Cubase didn’t bring back the video player.
Now I installed (as an experiment on another C: SSD drive) a new clean Windows 10 system and installed Cubase 10:5 from scratch.
Still no video player…
I put back my old C:drive with Windows 8.1 still installed on it…


Have you installed from the Full Installer, please?

Yes, for this I downloaded the 25 GB full installer…


Can you see the videoengine.dll in the Cubase Components folder?

Yes, videoengine.dll is where it should be…


Can you see the Video Player in the Studio > More Options > System Component Information > Program Plug-ins? Is it enabled? What version is there? What is the Path?