Cubase pro 10.5 won't record

I cannot get the record button to latch when pressed. It records just a tiny bit when the record button is pushed then stops recording. It will not stay in record mode. Cubase 10 works fine. It worked a couple of weeks ago but not now. I did a reinstall with the base version no updates and still will not record. Anyone else have this issue?
I am on Windows 10 build 1909.


Any message displayed? Try to increase your Audio Devices’ Buffer Size, please.

I have this issue trying to record midi, not audio, from Montage-- Immediately drops from record mode to play after metronome count-in. (Cubase Artist 10.5, MacOS 10.14.6).

Hi and welcome,

Could you describe the steps you are doing while record and maybe even attach some screenshots, please?