Cubase pro 10 and the internet

Frequent internet connection disruptions occur where I live. When they happen, it takes forever for Cubase to launch -sometimes not loading at all.
Why does Cubase need internet connection to load?
Is it possible to run Cubase Pro 10.5 without the internet? If so, how?
I have turned The Hub off, to no avail…
I use a dongle.


Steinberg Hub component uses an internet connection to be able to show you the News. You can disable Steinberg Hub in the Preferences > General > Use Hub.

Thanks for replying Martin. I have turned off The Hub, but it has made no difference to Cubase loading up painstakingly or not at all when there is internet disruption.
Do you know if there’s some other internet connectivity I need to turn off?
Ever grateful…


Maybe VST Connect or VST Transit component? Or any 3rd party plug-in?

The hub is loading anyway if there is no internet connection. It shows that there is no content available.
These interruptions are most likely third party plugins asking for license servers or something similar.