Cubase Pro 10 crashes using time detection

Using the time detection in an audio file, after doing the process, when I try to exit, cubase Pro 10 closes suddenly, also when trying to use the options of soften tempo, divide by 2, etc …
With Cubase Pro 9.5 and the same project this does not happen to me (I only have one audio file).


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

I’m having a similar issue. While doing a tempo detection, I do the analysis, grab a marker and while trying to adjust it a bit, it snaps back to the original position and I get the dreaded spinning ball every time.


Could you attach the source file you are using for the analysis, please?

Same for me too. Happened twice in a row under the same conditions.

After I have pressed the Analysis button, then select a different tool, it asks me if I want to exit the detection. I select “Continue” and Cubase 10 just crashes immediately. This is repeatable - vastest version of Cubase, and Mojave.


Could you attach a crash dump file, please?

Sorry, there is no crash dump. I looked in the Console but it’s not there.

As mentioned by someone else, this doesn’t happen in 9.5.


Are you on Mac? What macOS version? When Cubase crashes, do you see the crash report after (it’s common that the error message appears)?

Yes, macOS Mojave. No, the Console doesn’t show up with a crash report. I have seen crash reports before with other apps (Cubase included), but not this time.


Is it always reproducible? Or is it just with a specific audio file?