Cubase Pro 10 crashes

Hi everybody (firstly sorry for my english, I’m french and… voilà l’anglais c’est pas trop ça)
I come towards you because Cubase crashes when I use the navigation slider above the recorded track.
(My PC has good performance ( RAM 16 GB) and I use a master keyboard Code 49. )
Do you know the problem ? Thank you !


I’m sorry, I’m not really sure when does your Cubase crash. What do you mean by the “navigation slider above the recorded track”, please? Maybe screenshot works help.

Make sure you have the latest Cubase update installed, please.

Try in Cubase Safe Start Mode.

If it’s still crashing, attach crash dump file, please.

Thank you for your answer. The crash befalls when I move the vertical slider to rewind or forward. Here is screenshot (where my cursor is). I installed the last update but it did not change anything.
How can I start the Cubase Safe Start Mode ? I use SHIFT+CTRL+Alt during the loading of Cubase (with research on Internet, I understood that is how it works) but it doesn’t work. What is the purpose of this mode ? Thank you :slight_smile:


OK, you mean the main Ruler.

Yes, SHIFT+CTRL+Alt during the loading of Cubase is the way, how to get to the Safe Start Mode. Maybe you press it too late? The purpose is, Cubase can start with factory preferences.

I managed to disable the preferences via this Mode but the problem is still there. :frowning:


Could you attach a crash dump located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please?

Problem resolved ! I initialized my preferences :slight_smile: Thank you !