Cubase Pro 10, drag and drop layer in Cubase project no working

Good morning,
I have Cubase Pro 10 and SpectraLayers Pro 9 (trial).
In SpectraLayers I separate a voice from the instruments.
I want to pass the layer in a Cubase project.
I click left button, a + appears, I drag and drop and in Cubase I have a "
no entry" which is displayed and I cannot put the layer.
Can you please help me ?
Thank you so much.

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Can you do a video capture of the issue ?

@PHILIPPE_WAESBERGHE The issue is that you’re trying to drop the layer on a Volume Automation track. Create a new audio track to drop your layer.

Good morning,
I just tried it and it still doesn’t work.
Do you have another solution please ?

Can you provide a screenshot (or better, a video) or your new attempt ? Because what I described is the solution (compared to what I saw on your first screenshots).

Sorry I just realized you were referring to Cubase 10. The drag and drop feature from ARA to the DAW was introduced with Cubase 11.

I understand better. There are prices at the moment, I will buy an update. On Catalina, Cubase Pro 11 works I think.
Thanks you so much for your help.

I just bought the update and yes the drag and drop works with version 11.


Is this compatible with Windows 7?

Unlikely, officially SpectraLayers requires Windows 10 at least.
Unofficially, it might work with Windows 8.x.
But Windows 7 is way too old to be supported, and you should consider upgrading your OS since Microsoft also dropped support for it years ago.