Cubase Pro 10, drag and drop layer in Cubase project no working

Good morning,
I have Cubase Pro 10 and SpectraLayers Pro 9 (trial).
In SpectraLayers I separate a voice from the instruments.
I want to pass the layer in a Cubase project.
I click left button, a + appears, I drag and drop and in Cubase I have a "
no entry" which is displayed and I cannot put the layer.
Can you please help me ?
Thank you so much.

Can you do a video capture of the issue ?

@PHILIPPE_WAESBERGHE The issue is that you’re trying to drop the layer on a Volume Automation track. Create a new audio track to drop your layer.

Good morning,
I just tried it and it still doesn’t work.
Do you have another solution please ?

Can you provide a screenshot (or better, a video) or your new attempt ? Because what I described is the solution (compared to what I saw on your first screenshots).

Sorry I just realized you were referring to Cubase 10. The drag and drop feature from ARA to the DAW was introduced with Cubase 11.

I understand better. There are prices at the moment, I will buy an update. On Catalina, Cubase Pro 11 works I think.
Thanks you so much for your help.

I just bought the update and yes the drag and drop works with version 11.

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