Cubase pro 10 installation is going wrong

I have the qbase10 pro full version license.
Everytime I want to install qbase, it installs on my C drive, but I need it to be on my D because I don’t have space on my C drive

I tell the laptop to install on D, but it installs on C. Is this something in the program or in my laptop.
I have a Lenovo Legon Y530

AFAIK, you cannot install Cubase binaries in another location than C:.
In your case, it will be installed in the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10 path.

It is possible to install added contents in other drives, though, via the Steinberg Library Manager.

O.K, first things first.

Since your C drive does not have enough space, I’m assuming you would prefer to also install Sound Content to an alternative location.

  1. Run the Steinberg Library Manager.

  2. Navigate to “Show Options”, top right

  3. Click on the folder icon to the left of the “Library Default Location” heading

  4. In the window that opens, navigate to the drive where you would like to install the Library Content, using the far left part of the window, under “This PC”.

  5. Once you’ve selected the drive you want, create and name the folder, ie: “Steinberg Content”. (Note: After creating the folder, you can open it and create a sub folder/s, ie:VST Content, if you so wish).

  6. Select the newly created folder and then select “Select Folder” from the bottom right of the window.

You have now created your default location for Steinberg Cubase Library Content, and all subsequent Steinberg Library Content should install to this location.

Customised Cubase Install Location. The simplist way

  1. If you haven’t already, Un-install Cubase. (this is important)

  2. Run the Cubase installer. After the installer has initialized, click on the install address line and using the left arrow on your keyboard, navigate to the far left, and delete the C only, replacing it with D, and proceed to install.

This is the simple way to customise the Cubase installation, or you can use the same method as explained in customising your library content location, starting from step 4).The only difference is that the folder icon is located at the bottom right of the Cubase install window.

Iet us know how you get on.

And as @cubic13 has said, the binary files will default to the C drive. While Cubase itself will reside on the D drive.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Im going to see to it tomorrow!

It worked. The problem was the installer on the C drive. We put the installer on the D drive and now the install worked.
Now I have a problem that cubase doesn’t see my USB e-license. I have added it to the control center.
How do is get Cubase to see my license? I can’t find a tutorial for that.

Glad it worked.

Cubase should automatically detect the the eLicencer dongle.

Have you tried un-installing and re-installing the eLicencer software?