Cubase Pro 10 - Installs Nearly Empty PRESETS Folder

Hi, I just upgraded from 9.5 to 10 (Pro versions) and I noticed the MIDI FX Presets in the Inspector (ie. Arpache, etc.) are missing. So I went and took a look at the folder where they are supposed to be on Windows - this folder is considerably different than the 9.5 folder, and no surprise missing all the presets.

RANT: I wish Cubase would drop the numbers from the folder locations and just use “Cubase”. It’s so cumbersome having to surgically compare and move folders from one version to the other, like templates, presets, user preferences. I wish they would just make it like Adobe programs that ask “Import Preferences from Previous Version”? at first launch.

Anyway, I’m not sure if the missing MIDI factory presets is a bug or something that Steinberg expects each one of us to “resolve”. I’d be curious to know what other users experience have been with regards to this “Presets” folder. I know I had to move all my templates, looks like I’ll have to sift thru this folder too, and who knows what other folders. See attached screenshots.

Here is the path at my comp (PC - Win10):
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10\Presets

Hmmm, interesting! I have that too. Not sure why Steinberg moved these… at my end they only show up in the program if they are in the hidden folder location as per previous versions.