Cubase Pro 10 to 10.5 (beginner :) )

If I have the full Cubase 10 Pro (with USB eLicenser) and want to update to 10.5 Pro, is it enough to buy and download the 10.5 update and just install it? Does it automatically detect Cubase Pro 10 and “overwrite” it, or do I have to do something else?

Usually that´s all you have to do.


Is it normal that I installed and activated Cubase 10.5 and now I have a Cubase 10 and a Cubase 10.5 icon on the desktop and both versions have their own library? I know it’s a stupid question, but shouldn’t just 10.5 have remained?

Only if you updated. Seems you installed from the full installer and thus both version will remain.

Installed the C10 Pro last year and now the 10.5 update. So this is normal that I have the C10 and a C10.5 icon too? Plus the two separate libraries.
Or should I reinstall 10.5? I’m just asking because that’s not what’s usually the case with an update.

Let me repeat myself, IF you have installed from full installer and as full installation you will have both version at the same time and you can run both of them.

But I only had a full installer for the C10. The update was done with this:

Believe me, I’m just trying to understand why I don’t see just one C10.5 icon and why I have two library structures. So if I had a full installation on C10 and a NON-FULL C10.5 installation, will I keep C10 and have a C10.5 next to it? Just because I have it.

The update will also install a new version, just like the full download, so you have 10.0 and 10.5 icons. The main part of the 10.0 libraries get used by 10.5 and updated if necessary by the update installer. If there are new completely ones in 10.5, you also get those installed. The full installer comes with all the library files.

Thanks! So if I understand correctly, can I install the 10.5 with the full installer as well? Because then I uninstall the C10 and put the C10.5 with the full installer. Since I bought the 10.5 update, it was clear to me that I would use the update installer, knowing that only 10.5 would remain.