Cubase Pro 10 trial expired and so did Groove Agent

Because Cubase decided to overwrite GA SE4 with GA SE5. I had to reinstall Cubase again just to get GA SE4 back, lost hours of work and found out something even worse. All of my projects last month are now screwed over, even the ones I made in 9.5 because they also used the updated GA.

Let me emphasize this: None of the settings (and that includes sample selection) of any GA tracks I used last month, even in the ones made in 9.5, was carried over after I reinstalled Cubase 9.5. When I open those projects now I just have a blank instance of GA SE4.

Now my questions are:

  • If I update in the future (to 10.5 for example), and have access to GA SE5, will my settings come back? I haven’t overwritten the saved projects that use GA SE5 after I reinstalled and went back to SE4.
  • Whose genius idea is it to overwrite components of past versions when trialling a new one? And not even a warning? This totally feels like a scam/ cash grab guys.

Found another frustrated user here


Reported to Steinberg CAN-25833.

A possible temporary solution, until you have C10.5 is to trial Nuendo (which is a 2 months trial), which also includes a licence for GA SE5. It will probably run in C9.5 too then.

Brilliant, brilliant workaround. I’m so grateful that you took the time to reply. All of my projects are now up and running again. Cheers!

Thanks for doing so. I thought about doing it at first but then decided not to, when I remembered my last ticket submitted in September still hadn’t been answered :slight_smile:

It also makes me happy you took the time to reply back! Cheers!

I got the same issue here after Cubase 10 Trial ended!
None of my projects using GA4 works now. Will have to re-install…

This is really bad although a re-install of Cubase 9.5 should work for older projects? Will sit down now and try that.

Also getting this error message when starting Cubase 9.5: "Some content could not be loaded. Either, elicenses are missing, or trial licenses have expired: Vintage Verb Collection, Analog Techno, Hip Hop Vault,… " etc.


Just re-installed components + update (not Cubase itself), still got this error message, but that is about Padshop…

Edit: Ok, so I uninstalled EVERYTHING that has anything to do with Groove Agent (SE or ONE)… And then installed them again from 9.5 installer + update to 9.5.41. I can now finally open older projects using Groove Agent.
Still got that Padshop license issue. No problem though, can open Padshop and use my own presets.