Cubase pro 10040 Ram

Even when cubase pro 10040 is not open its stills consume ram ? and it takes more and more ram when you open cubase few times a day
Its that normal


If Cubase is not running it doesn’t consume any ram. Simply because the process is not running. Cubase itself doesn’t use very much ram. It’s the vst’s you load into Cubase that start to add up.

Yes it does in Windows task manager Cubase .exe is using ram when Cubase is not even open and if i open Cubase 3 or 4 times during the day
if i go check in the task manager there is going to be 3 cubase .exe all using ram not release the ram


If you leave it open, yes. But if you ‘exit’ Cubase it won’t be resident in memory anymore and it won’t show up in task manger anymore. If it does then it wasn’t closed correctly.