Cubase Pro 11 crash on start


yesterday i purchased update from 10.5. Cubase PRO 11 started normal. I was trying to re-activate one plugin from blacklist and program crashed immediately. After i removed that plugin from VST / AU completely, but Cubase 11 PRO is not starting. I tried all options in the save mode start - nothing helps. It crashes without any notification at Plugin VST2 2. x manager. The only way i can start program is by physically renaming plugin folder on my mac - but there is not much use from DAW without plugins :slight_smile:

I’m on 27’’ iMAc (2019). 10.15.7

Cuabse 10.5 works great. Any ideas how o solve this…?

Hi there!
I recently bought Cubase 11 too. Have got a lot of problems and crashes… Feels like Cubase 11 is a raw product now. Your previous version isn’t deleted or substituted to Cubase 11 you can still use Cubase 10.5 like I do…

I updated to 11 too. It won’t run, but 10.5 runs fine. I’m going to have to put a support ticket in.
It’s all registered and activated, but it just crashes.
Same plug-ins are in 10.5, so that’s not the problem.

Is there a way to get money back for an update…?

WBR / k.