Cubase Pro 11 DRE-147 error

Anyone get this issue resolved with the DRE-417 error ? 18 yrs…Never had this kind of thing happen

Thanks in Advance

Seems to be a “wait for Steinberg to fix their server issues” before we can activate.
They really should anticipate an influx of activations at the time of any release.
Apparently the new activation method has not been propery tested and we and the lab rats testing it now and getting a non-working paid product.
There will only be a sorry message and no “here’s $10 back from your troubles.”
Pretty disappointed to say the least.

I’m getting the same error


same error for me … extremely frustrating if it is an error from their servers !!
not happy

I’m pretty sure that server is offline. You can’t activate now. Wait until they fix the issue.

Still not working here and I agree, compensate the early adopters and next time they need to preempt the large influx before taking our money.


I have managed to get the standard 32 character licence code from MySteinbeg account in the activation tab but pasting in the eLicenser fails as it cannot connect. I had the Australian support (Yamaha) send me this:

“The 25 digit code you have received is a Download Access Code
You can enter this into the latest version of Steinberg Download Assistant or your My Steinberg account to generate your Cubase 11 update activation code (32 digit code)
I have copied a link below to a video demonstrating using the DAC in Steinberg Download Assistant
Steinberg Download Assistant

Please note: due to the high volume of Cubase 11 license requests the server has been a bit overwhelmed (eg Klein AC) if this happen please try again a little later.”