Cubase Pro 11 i cant import Video file - AVI MPEG2 formats

Hello i have problem with my Cubase Pro 11 - i cant import video file in format AVI or MPEG2 - If i create video track and pull video from browser to video track there is signalize cursor no entry and when i use import function in main menu file nothing is happend. Whats the problem? Everything looks ok - my licences et Elicenser - My Steinberg - no updates remain… i Bought AXR4U week ago - but its licencsed sucesfully … i didnt try Video import before… thanks for help
Jan R

I don’t think those formats are supported. You will need to convert them to a supported format. There is a table that lets you know what types are supported somewhere on the site.

Ok thanks - AVI is supported but i didnt look at Codecs - if its doesnt function i will write reply

I’ve had AVI video I have converted because it doesn’t work. It is down to the codecs and containers used for the video.

At his time in AVI container you can use MJPEG, DV or DVCPro codec, only.