Cubase Pro 11: Loops & Samples and Plugin Presets not loading

When I try to select any sounds or midi from the left zone I get no options. I get the cube which looks like it is loading but nothing ever happens. The only thing I can select from the left zone Media is Vst Instruments and Effects.

It is the same problem with instrument presets, effect presets and Channel presets, they just wont load.

I first noticed this a day after I installed a bundle of isotope effect plugins, I don’t think this was the cause but I have now uninstalled the plugins.

I have tested my other versions of Cubase. There are no issues with Cubase 7.5 and Cubase 10.5 they work fine.

Today I uninstalled Cubase 11 and reinstalled the latest update version but I still have the same problem. I cannot access sounds via the left zone or load any presets. Please can anyone give me the solution. Many thanks in advance.

I have attached some images.

Correction - I meant the Right Zone

problem solved :grinning: I dont know what caused it but my mediabay data file was corrupted. I used a backup data file to fix this.