CUBase Pro 11 Losing Sends Information in Mixer!


I Purchased Cubase a few months ago. I’m creating a Template.

My System

Mac Pro 2013 (128 GB RAM)

Mac OS 11 BigSur.

CUBase Pro 11.0.20

Standard recommended installation of CUBase.

External Thunderbolt 3 HDD for Instruments.

My instrument tracks contain 1 Kontakt 6 Player with 16 instrument Articulations (16 Midi Samples per one Kontakt 6 instrument). I have many of these instrument tracks setup (e.g. 200) and the number of MIDI tracks is 200 Kontakt players times 16 Articulations per player so it’s about 3200 midi tracks + 200 Instruments tracks = 3400 Tracks.

My template is set up to send the instrument track “Sends” information to different group tracks (Stems) for many various things. It took a long time to set up the “Sends” for my needs.

I have a ton of libraries, just lots of instruments so even 128 GB is still not enough so, I must switch off some of the instrument’s tracks (Unloading the instrument from memory) using the “Enable / Disable” track feature, and only use the ones I really need to save memory.

But there is a serious problem. Here is what I’m seeing that is working and not working:


One instrument track, by enabling and disabling in the same instance.

When I disable the “Instrument track” I noticed that I save memory. When I re-enable that instrument track, it works fine and I still see the “Sends” setup information in my mixer.

One Instrument track with save, quit, launch, and project re-load.

When you disable “1 Instrument track” and save, then quit Cubase. The re-launch CUBase and load your project back and then re-enable the track that I previously disabled. You can see the “Sends” routing in the mixer for that instrument.

Multiple Instrument tracks

When I disable all 200 “Instrument track(s)”, again I noticed that I was saving memory. When I re-enable the instrument tracks (All 200 Instrument tracks), it works fine and I still see the “Sends” setup information in my mixer.

NOT Working:

When I disable all 200 “Instrument track(s)”, then I save, quit CUBase and then relaunch CUBase and reload my project and then re-enable all 200 tracks, The “Sends” information in the routing is completely gone, it is completely Wiped out and nothing is there.

This is extremely bad and is a show stopper! I must be able to turn off (Disable) tracks to unload instruments to free up memory for my template when authoring my music and also retain all the routing “Sends” information in my mixer.

Again, the “Sends” routing information is retained when you disable 1 or all 200 instrument tracks and then re-enable, without saving, quitting and restarting CUBase and re-loading your project.

But, if you disable all 200 instrument tracks and then save, quit CUBase, then restart CUBase and reload your project and then re-enable the 200 instrument tracks, you will lose all your “Sends” routing information in the mixer. Therefore you would have to reprogram all 200 instrument tracks again with the “Sends” information to various different stems etc…