Cubase Pro 11 No Signal in Inputs

Strange Problem. I cant seem to record anything in cubase. All soft synths are working, all outputs to my external mixer working. Just no inputs.
Changed interface, still nothing. It doesn’t even show a signal in mixer input section. Cubase 10.5 working like a dream on the same machine and interface. Strangely CPro 11 works fine on my other machine. Recording and playback both work fine. Both machines running Max OSX Mojave.
Help Please …

You have allowed the usage of the microphone by Cubase 11 on this machine? It should ask for this. Security & privacy Control Panel.


Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

Hey zipb and Martin.
You guys are right. But now the problem is Cubase is not showing in the security microphone preferences. I rest permissions for microphone access. And now even 10.5 is not showing there. Trashed preferences. Reinstalled. No Joy. PFA a screen shot of the security preference. Only Ableton asked for Miscropone access when launched after permission reset.


Try to reset Privacy & Security on your macOS. Please, search Google (I found this article, but I haven’t tried by myself).

Tried resetting all permissions. Cubase still won’t ask for microphone permission again neither it appears in the privacy pane. I have installed Mac OSX Mojave on my other SSD for now and Cubase 1 is working perfectly there. The only painful part is to reinstall all I have. :frowning:


Could you try to delete and install Cubase again now? Maybe it will appear in the Permissions after the installation…?