Cubase pro 11 Oscilloscope Supervision

I bought cubase 11 for the supervision and mainly the Oscilloscope.
I dont know if its me who havent set it up properly, but its useless for me!

it have to pause exactly to see the wave form, and if I introduce another element its justs useless to get it to work.

I would want it to work as volumeshaper 4 or s(m)exoscope, so its fixed on what waveform is currently playing, as it is for now its useless :frowning:

Maybe you didn’t understand what it does…
It only shows a momentary picture of the waveform. Nothing more.
And it depends on the position where it’s inserted into the signal flow.

Dude, its impossible to se the waveform, to be able to se it u need to pause it as it plays, and its near impossible to catch the sound!

Also it doesnt depend on where i insert it. it works the same! it shows the waveform as it plays and then immediately shows the silence, which is not relevant at all!

i hope i missed a button or a setting! because i think its silly i should go buy mega scope !

Just realized u can right click it, and it snapshots. also using wavesscope is what i need.
i would like it though if u could speed down the scope but not loose resolution,
but hey atleast i can work now!

it is an oscilloscope, it works like it should…