Cubase Pro 11 Recorded Lead vocals like chipmunk

What’s going on Steinberg ? WTF ???


Could you be more specific, please? Do you have any example? What is your settings? What Audio Device do you use? What routing do you use? What plug-ins do you use?

Are you really serious about your statement? How should anybody answer this question and provide any help?


I’m afraid, we cannot find out, what happened without more informations.

Especially, how does it sound (could you share the file)? Without information, if you were using any plug-ins? What was the Audio Device Sample Rate?

Thanks Martin,
But, I’ve been recording with cubase for years. I use a MBP and my project settings are
24 bit / 41 kHz. It sounds like a formant software error… The lead vocals have been
Re recorded within the same project with the same settings. It’s all good…