Cubase Pro 11 screen resolution issue following upgrade from Cubase Artist 10.5

I have just upgraded from Cubase Artist 10.5 to Cubase Pro 11.
I have an issue with screen resolution, best seen in the two attached screenshots.
I’m using Windows 10 with my monitor at 2560 x 1440 at 125% scaling. Please note that this has not changed since I was using Cubase Artist.
Just as I did in when using Cubase Artist, I have enabled HiDPI in Edit - Preferences.
However, as you see from the screenshots, I don’t get the same screen resolution. The screenshot from Artist 10.5 shows that I got much more information on the screen, with a clearer picture.
I have tried the following: (i) disable HiDPI in Cubase 11; re-enable and restart. Makes no difference; (ii) right-click Cubase icon on desktop and work through all the compatibility options for DPI in turn. Makes no difference. (iii) raised a support request with Steinberg. After a disappointing 4 (four) days and counting, still no response.
Please help with any ideas.
(Please note that I only respond to constructive suggestions. Thanks in advance.)

For anyone who has the same problem, it has just been resolved by Cubase update 11.0.20

Edit - preferences - general - HiDPI settings now allows custom application scaling.

[In my case a setting of -25% gave me the same screen resolution as in 10.5. Hurrah!]


Postscript: for completeness, Steinberg eventually replied to me today.

Support request submitted 12th April; reply 18th May.

They queried whether there was much difference between the two images.

I can’t even…