Cubase Pro 11 - Trial version ?

Hi 2 all,

I want to try V11 - mac version, before buy.
Does someone know if V11 runs as a 30 day trial if you have installed it without activating it ?

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It won’t run as a 30 day trial. Wait a few weeks for the trial to be released.

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Ok, thanks for helping Prock !

Waiting for the trial as well :grin:

Waiting for the trial as well :grin:

I’m waiting as well. I have been burnt to many times with rushing into buying the next release without testing it. So if the performance goes down yet again and they introduce even more bugs, then I will pass on this release.

usually after or with the first patch

ok, thx lovegames !

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I’m not sure but I believe you can run Cubase 11 24h trial if you have the dongle.

I didn’t get a 24H trial and I do have a dongle, but it seems like some people does.

I think maybe you can trick your way into it using zero downtime or something

zero downtime is not for such purposes,

You call a MySteinberg account your own.
Your defective/lost/stolen USB-eLicenser has been registered within your MySteinberg account.

I guess we need to wait the first patch…and an official answer too :wink:


Cubase 11 Trial is out by now.

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Thx for the info Martin !

I have the trial installed on my OSX Big Sur 11.1 test partition.
The install went flawless and C11 opens just fine. :hugs:

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Interesting, can you compare the performance Cubase 11 vs Cubase 10.5 on macOS 11 vs macOS 10.15, please? I’m curious. :wink: Thanks!

Sorry, i don’t have Cubase Pro 10.5 installed anymore, only version 11.
So far, in my situation:
No difference in performance when comparing C11 on Catalina 10.15.7 and
C11 on Big Sur 11.1
I also don’t notice any positive difference in faster GUI (due to Apple Metal support) in C11 compared to C10.5
Tested on a macbook pro retina 2015 and i am afraid this macbook is getting too old, keeping up in a smooth way with Cubase nowadays.
I will not buy C11 when the trial ends.

Will keep using Reaper as my main DAW for sure, Reaper is incredible cpu economic and very clean and efficiently programmed, leading to great performance.

Anyone know how to get the trial to work? Trying to decide whether to switch from Logic, so I downloaded the free trial, but it’s demanding an access code I was never sent. So far, Cubase is not particularly impressive, as I can’t even open it!