Cubase pro 11 update

Hello Everybody,
I bought recently Cubase 11 Pro to update my Cubase Elements 10.5

  1. Should I install the new version in the same Cubase Elements folder or a new one ?
  2. Once installed the new version, can we uninstall the old version?
    Thank You for your attention

I have fresh updated: my Elements disappeared once the PRO was installed, even though I had Elements11.
I suggest you to save all your projects before to proceed.
PS: Please remember that you need the USB key for the PRO as well.

I would recommend that you let Cubase pick its default installation directory. It makes a new copy of all settings in a folder named after the product, e.g. on Windows
C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10.5_64, and properly updates all your settings. For me, this has worked for years and it makes it easy to back up all the historical versions of settings etc.

ADDED: I should say that I have only ever upgraded from “pro” to “pro” if that at all affects any of this.

Thank You for you kind suggestions.