Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licencing)

I bought Cubase 11 Pro with the very confusing Grace period to update to Cubase 12
What a difficult activation procedure.
I’m still not sure if the licence is updated to Cubase 12 Pro because of the confusing names.
I have 3 different licence names. that i can not post here because steinberg only allows me 1 image


What a confusing mess this upgade was.
I’m still not sure if i got the Cubase 12 Pro licence activated.
I even got a warning that i did not use my grace period upgrade yet.

The message literally means what it says. If you didn’t read any of the faqs, or instructions you might have missed the existence of the Steinberg Activation Manager, so launch that, and let the forum know how it went

Thank you for responce.
Yes i did read it, but i did not expect it to be this confusing and hard.
I needed confusing codes not immediately available to me during the upgrade.
In the activation manager currently i find a different licence name “Cubase 12 Pro” without any reference to the grace period . In the steinberg account under elicence i find yet another name Cubase 11 Pro (not upgradable). This is confusing to the average user. Now if i could have read that information somewhere during the upgrade but the servers did not respond during the upgrade.
Then i tryed the grace period check without any succes and my USB licence got corrupted. I think i got it working eventually with a USB licence recover. That was when i got the licence i got right now.
Cubase 11 Pro Upgraded to Cubase 12. I still think this does not feel correct.
I would suggest to make these kind of upgrades more easy with easy to understand licence names.

So, conclusion is, you didn’t read the documents well enough.
Otherwise, you would already know that you have a valid C12 licence. There is no need for the grace period thing any more.
Now your licence on the USB eLicenser is the upgraded C11 licence. This enables you to open older versions of Cubase Pro that still need the USB eLicenser to work.

Yes maybe I did not do that, but never needed it. I did read the number of complaints about the Cubase 12 update and it is huge. At the time of my early update there was no solution on the forum yet, only i found people with the same problems.
I understand the Licence system, until paying customers get a corrupted USB licencing stick because the server froze in the middle of a recover action. Thank you steinberg. Before i found all the information i was more concerned about recovering my corrupted USB licence. It all came back after trying many times. Do not blame the customers for this complicated licencing system please. It could have been more simple.

If you need to read pages and pages of documents as even the website is not clear
it’s not the end user’s fault,
it’s the companies fault and bad UI and not conveying relevant information.
there are so many systems you need to go through to open the magic door
as AR said
it’s not the end users fault, they designed the system like it is
It’s not 1998 one word to some it up (convoluted)

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when it was a dongle, everyone complained about it being a dongle - now it’s transitioning - there will be a few complexities, and when it’s fully transitioned everyone will complain about activation codes etc.

  • I’d argue it’s pretty mad to upgrade to 12 before all these little issues have sorted themselves out… I can’t think of a feature in 12 that I would desperately need (but I know there must be for some people) - you still need the dongle to use previous versions, so that little blue stick will be in my USB slot for the next decade I suspect!

Just have one system
Have log into account at Cubase start up
it should be that simple
but if you have users spending more time on this forum than trying to use the software
somthings not right

checks their server for paid licence and how many computers are using the login details
to prevent unauthorized use .

That’s what the system will be from this point onwards, except it won’t be at startup, but first time use - so actually easier that you’ve specified, and allows for offline users following the initial activation.

I don’t see what’s so complicated really, if people are complaining about the old licensing system making you go through loops the way it has to sync your license, then send to server, process, and send back - at busy times losing connection. - then yes, that’s the entire point of Steinberg moving away from it.

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The server was very busy during the time of updating to 12. I update so i keep up with the versions, And i do not want to pay a lot of money if i missed an update. In fact you rent the software and pay Steinberg each year and get the latest version. Adobe works this way and it seems Steinberg is going to the same sort of system.
Unfortunately, it was a combination of updating the old licence on the USB stick and not getting the correct name for the new e-licence the first time. Because of a server crash my USB licence got corrupted resulting in not starting Cubase 12. When i finally got it a few day’s have passed, so many people complained about it having the same issues. It really wasn’t in any manual.
I still have 3 different names for my cubase 12 Pro licence on different places in the account.
I do not want to bash the steinberg system, but i never experienced this kind of complexity in an update.

Some people might like a software licence, but i prefer a USB dongle. I hope this will be still supported in future versions.

There’s the DAC code, that gives you a key code
E-licencer, ((always needs repairing) I’m now on artist can I delete E-licencer now)

Download manger, ((that’s populated with, items not relevant to your purchase) can cause more confusion)
Activation on Steinberg’s website.
Says verification pending on website for me and I have a few days to activate, website gives me no additional text/advise on what I need to do next, so have no idea what I need to do)

Cubase YouTube channel is just videos of how great cubase is,
would be helpful if they made a video of some sort of work flow in licensing the software, as I’m not good at reading manuals (due to dyslexia)

I’m sure there are some things I’ve missed

I’ve played puzzle games easier than this

Well, shows how subjective things like this are then. As I find it very simple, enter code, download and use - activation check on first use. But then I read these forums quite a bit and have a good understanding of the system as a result.

worth noting that the licensing, and activation covers more than just Cubase, you have standalone software (Nuendo, HALion, Cubase, Dorico, Groove Agent, Wavelab, Spectralayers etc), plus plugins and paid for libraries to be managed (As per NI/Arturia etc.).

People use Steinberg products without even touching Nuendo or Cubase, and also some professionals who work under NDA prefer that content-tied software is exempt from internet access.

This is why activation is housed in it’s own instance that can be individually verified, allowing for volume licensing in future.

So, yes, there’s going to be that separate authentication layer in there. But as Cubase pops it up and automatically checks for you on startup, I’ve not had any hardships with it. …Again, maybe an unfair opinion based on the learnings I have from these forums(?).

Your long reply kind of backs up my critique,
I guess if you’re used to a system It’s easy to understand, (as they say, easy when you know how)

I’m coming from a new user prospective, and if you need to turn to endless pages of forum threads,
the software UI has failed in translating relevant information

I mean BlackBerry was a functioning phone
so why did people move to apple

sometimes the status quo is not the best option,
and it takes something different to make that obvious

As said as a new user, that’s been my experience

Any idea how i fix this

Seeing as i came from elements, i don’t have USB key