Cubase Pro 11. User track presets - take a long time to open

Cubase Pro 11. It takes a very long time to open the custom (user) presets of the track. (Windows 10).
It’s not so much about opening it as waiting for the user preset to be found. Cubase thinks for a long time and only after 10-15 seconds shows the preset.
Can I speed up the download?

Do you use a HDD (hard disk drive with the spinning magnetic discs inside) or a modern SSD? In case you are on a HDD, all things about file finding / reading / transfer are naturally slower and take a moment. In that case, I would recommend to upgrade to a SSD. Makes your entire system so much faster.

to DAC_Protogen
SSD 500gb system and SSD 2gb storage. 32 gb RAM. i7.

Well, it was a possibility. ^^