Cubase Pro 12.0.3 Errors with Novation Launchkey 61 Controller - 12.0.2 works fine

There is a Big Problem with Cubase Pro 12.0.3 with Novation Launchkey 61 Controller volume sliders.

One minute they work. the next they dont. The sliders on the controller image go up and down but not the mixer page sliders.

Suddenly instruments are muted even though the mixer page sliders are put full up with the mouse.

This is a complete mess of an update

The previous Cubase Pro 12.0.2 worked perfectly

What can I do ?


Make sure, there is no other Remote Device in use (even the old ones, like Generic Remote Device, Mackie Control or something like this), please.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

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There is no other Remote Device in use - on opening studio setup Launchkey mk3 61 is the only midi remote listed.

In Cubase Safe Start Mode selecting Disable preferences -when the project opens the sliders do not communicate with cubase mixer.

Only when I click on a label of a track othe cubase mixer does it start to work correctly

In Cubase Pro 12.0.2 it worked immediately and constantly - so I could mix a track without these dropouts.

It was working perfectly in Cubase Pro 12.0.2 - I only updated to cubase 12.0.3 and nothing else and this is the new erroneous behavior.

In safe mode it does seem better though once clicking on a label of a track in the mixer the controller seems to stay connected and not lose focus.

Any Ideas Martin?


Then I would try to Disable Cubase preferences to start the factory settings.


You mean delete the programs preferences
not disable the programs preferences.
Just to be clear for future reference for others.

Ok it seems much better now but I will have to give it a full test.

Thankyou for your help Martin

One more thing though - I have lost all my recent projects - is there anyway of backing up and replacing recent projects?


Oh yes, sorry. I mean Delete Preferences.

The list has been deleted, but all the projects are available. Unfortunately this list is stored in one of the biggest preferences file. So returning the given file back might also bring the problems back.


Yes I do realise the projects still exist but if you could give me the name of the preferences file.
I could edit that portion of the original file and place it in the new preferences file and have my list of recents which would be handy.

I have a macrium backup of my system from before I deleted cubase settings.

It’s ok I have found it

After testing Even With a RESET of Cubase settings
Novation Launchkey 61 Controller volume sliders loose focus and the sliders stop responding when using cubase 12 pro 12.0.3.

All drivers are up to date and Cubase 12.0.2 behaves correctly and never loses focus whatever.

How can I escalate this bug?